Godly Play

Godly Play is an invitation to make meaning through story, song, wonder, and play. Here is a little taste of a Godly Play presentation: 


Once there was someone who said such amazing things and did such wonderful things that people began to follow him. But they didn't know who he was. So one day they simply had to ask him. And he said, "I am the light."  (The Christ candle is lit). 


Let's enjoy the Light. 


People who love the Light can become one with the light. Watch. 


(A candle will be lit for each child) 


(Name), this is your light.


Following the story, children will be invited to choose their own work from art and other materials in the room. The individual insight of each child is deeply respected.


Children aged 3-11 may be brought to the classroom wing of the church beginning at 9:30 for the 9:40 program. Each Sunday caregivers will need to sign children both in and out. Pickup is at 10:20. Fill out Children and Youth Ministry Registration in advance to help make dropoff a breeze! 


Following Godly Play, you are invited to worship as a family at the 10:30 service.