Children in Worship

Why do we include children in the entire worship service?


Worship is one of the primary ways that we learn what it means to be Christian. 


Children learn to worship by worshipping with the whole congregation. This greatly increases the probability that they will grow into lifelong followers of Christ.


When children are included in worship, they receive the message that they are valued both by God and the people of God at Church.


Children model to adults what absolute joy and uninhibited relationship with God looks like -- what better way to experience that than in church?


What can you do to support your children in worship?


Sit near the front where children can have a clear view of the sanctuary. 


Utilize the provided activity bags which contain children's bulletins and art materials for your child's response to what they hear and experience in worship.


For school-aged children, follow along in the bulletin together.


What if staying for the service is not possible for your young children? 


You are invited to utilize the nursery. Although it is not currently open for drop-off care, children may play in the nursery as long as their caregiver is with them, and the service can be heard. We'll keep you posted, as drop-off care will eventually be available again.


What can you do to support your children when worshipping from home?


Print and follow along with the bulletin.


Model to children how to be an active participant in worship, even at home.


Send email to if you would like a copy of the lectionary-based children's bulletins that we have available on Sunday mornings. We'll be happy to send you the digital file or hard copies.